On Thursday January 26th 2012, we hosted our second seminar for First Time Home Buyers. It was held at Spice Route Asian Bistro + Bar in Toronto's hotspot that is King West. We had a great turnout, amazing Asian inspired food and the seminar was informative and fun! We discussed everything that First Time Home Buyers should know - including: mortgage regulations, leveraging, market conditions, government incentives and personal budgeting.

The private room at Spice Route called the Karma Room was the perfect backdrop for our event. The experience was blissful. The design and decor of the restaurant was relaxing and indulging. The staff were very helpful and gracious to us and especially to our guests. 

Congratulations to Sara-Maud, Richard and Michelle for all winning door prizes! Special thanks to our sponsors for the event, Lee Welbanks from The Mortgage Centre and Anthony Visconti from Southlake Financial group.  

At The Ravi Singh Team we pride ourselves in being experts in the Real Estate field. We are aware and informed about all things Real Estate. If you ever have any questions or would like to know about any other upcoming seminars/events please call us at 416.494.7653.