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Tips to Take the Stress Out of Holiday Home Selling

NC)—It's hard to imagine a more stressful time than trying to sell a home during the holidays. Thankfully, with some careful planning and a few helpful tips you can make the most of showcasing your home, and find time to enjoy the season too.

Strip out the clutter to make room for the holidays. If you're selling during the holidays, it's even more critical that you clear out and store away all household clutter, personal items and knickknacks. That way, some tastefully-selected and carefully-placed holiday decorations can provide the flavour of the season, without overwhelming the eye of the beholder.

Trim a smaller tree. This year, opt for a smaller Christmas tree and decorate it sparingly, perhaps in monochromatic colours, so that it makes an impact while not taking over the room. Be sure to store wrapped presents away and out of sight.

Get help with the cleaning. You'll need to keep your home sparkling clean for showing, so if you have ever considered spending a little extra money on a housekeeper, this may be the time to do so. Alternatively, have the whole family pitch in daily to pick up, wipe clean, dust and vacuum. Remember, many hands make light work.

Weekends are for showing. Homes show better during the daylight hours, but as the days get shorter, the work week gets in the way for many buyers. However, this can work in your favour for selling a home late in the year. Show your home over the weekend during daylight hours and leave it the evenings to enjoy your social events and invite in holiday visitors. Your home will be as ready for visitors as it is for an open house.

Reap the benefits of serious holiday-time buyers. You may have fewer people viewing your home during the month of December, but that doesn't necessarily mean fewer offers. Compared to selling a home in the spring when your showings attract a lot of “browsers,” those who view during the holidays can be more serious about making an offer.