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EB Investments

One of my passions with regards to real estate is helping people understand the benefits of owning property, leveraging debt and generating wealth. In the past, I've had siginificant success with pre-construction condominiums, but I have now decided to change my focus. I've recently founded a company called EB Investments. The "EB" is for Echo-Boomer... the generation of children of the baby-boomers. This is a group I know quite intimately and infact, that I belong to.

I understand their needs for good investment options and I have formulated a successful strategy that employs desposit pooling through what's called a real estate "syndication". This allows investors to organize and join forces and by doing so, mitigate risk and enter into investments that would otherwise be out of their grasp!

I've received a lot of interest for this project, and if you'd like to sit down for a confidential meeting please call me directly at 416.992.2942. When you crunch the numbers, this type of real estate investment is geared towards someone with a 5-10 year horizon and the returns are phenomenal!

To talk more, call me any time and we will set it up!