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Add a Bathroom to Your Condo or Other Tight Spaces

Condo sales and renovations are on the rise across Canada and many people face stringent Board regulations on large–scale unit renovations, such as adding another bathroom. Saniflo's above–floor plumbing technology enables a full or half bathroom installation with minimal renovations, which meets standard property provisions and is perfect for condo owners.

A Condo Installation

The problem: Sylvie Charland lived in a small, open concept condo with a single bathroom accessible only from her bedroom. Ms. Charland requested to add a second bathroom but was denied by the condo review board, as a traditional toilet installation would have required her to break floors and tap into the neighbour's plumbing infrastructure.

The solution: By re–orienting a small first floor laundry room and using Saniflo's Sanitop model, Ms. Charland gained a half bathroom – complete with a toilet, sink and all laundry facilities – in only 1 day.

“The Sanitop is Saniflo's first external macerating unit designed specially for half bathrooms,” said Daniel Cayer, national sales manager at Saniflo Canada. “It features two inlets, one for the toilet and the other for the sink, and its compact size makes it the smallest macerator available on the market. Because it uses small–gauge pipe, the system allows the installation of the drainage pipes without having to break through walls and floors, which reduces installation time and the mess caused by renovations."

Why maceration? Macerating technology is a cost–effective, easy–to–install solution for both residential and commercial bathroom applications. The systems use a fast–rotating blade to liquefy waste and toilet paper in the flush water, which is then discharged under pressure through small–bore piping to a drainage line or soil stack.

Saniflo macerating toilet systems can be installed on top of any finished floor eliminating the need for excavation of the existing floor or building a raised floor to install a drain line, as required by systems using a sewage ejector. The small–bore discharge piping can easily be installed and concealed inside existing walls. Saniflo's “up–flush” technology permits home or building owners to create a new bathroom wherever it is most convenient: in a basement, attic, garage, under the stairs or inside a newly remodelled space.