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Earn $$ For Your Renovations

Here's an article from Rona (the how to people) on what renovations in the home can maximize your resale value. Personal experience has told me that good quality hardwood flooring goes a very far way. Just look at my sale of 97 Hibbard... sold in 9 days!

Renovations that pay

Renovated Living Room

In terms of profitability, the top 3 renovation projects are: the installation of hardwood flooring, followed by the installation of kitchen cupboards and the remodelling of the bathroom. Real estate agents always place a premium on these types of renovations and the fact is, they help generate faster sales and higher prices. In a recent American study it was determined that, in a seller’s market, renovation investments are even more profitable because they can increase the value of the home by the same, if not an even greater amount. In this way, homes located in certain cities and selling under favourable conditions, can expect a $16,000 investment to generate an increase of as much as $18,500 on the selling price. Of course, this all depends on the general condition of the house, the type of work and materials applied, the area and the type of construction, which all play a defining role in the resale value, and must be taken into account as well as the period of time over which you will benefit from your new surroundings.