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Dining in TO - The Host

If an exotic palette and a passion for international cuisine ranks high in your food criteria, then The Host is a must for your next night Indian restaurant. Yesterday, I was at their Richmond Hill location near the intersection of East Beaver Creek and Highway 7.

The ambience was authentic and warm. The architectual detailing could be found in all sorts of facets including the arched hallways, beautiful Indian ornaments and table decor. 

The food presentation definitely deserved a 10 out of 10. Upon ordering my meal, I was quickly greeted with Papadum (indian snack) carefully wrapped in a cylindrical manner in an unusual small basket. The stainless steel water mugs and table condoments added a unique flare. When it came time for my main course I was pleased to see modern Asian-influenced presentation of rice and naan (Indian Flat bread).

The main dish I chose was the Murgh Jahangiri, which is a North Indian spicey curry with boneless tender pieces of chicken breast. The mellieu of spices, red peppers, fresh ginger, yoghurt and mint leaves, made for a wonderful combination that combined age old tradition and contemporary expirmentation.

Topping it off was a generous helping of Gulab Jamun, a tradtional sweet dish from India with syrup, cardomum and nuts.

Service, presentation, class and above all else, great food!!! Make The Host your host one day... you won't be disappointed!