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TREB Facts...


This is an intersting clip of an email I received from  Michael Polzler
Executive Vice President and Regional Director, RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic Canada Inc. It Really sums up how much Re/Max dominates the market share in the GTA. When you're out looking for an agent, make sure you have the strength and expertise of a good brokerage!

- BTW... My Office has been the fastest growing ReMax brokerage for the entire Ontario/Atlantic Canada Region!!!

According to TREB figures for last year, close to 50 per cent of realtors with Sutton Group and almost 60 per cent with Century 21 did less than one deal per quarter. Homelife and Right at Home agents were neck in neck, with 68.5 per cent and 70.7 per cent respectively, reporting less than one deal per quarter. And that’s before we moved into a recession.

Unlike our competitors, we are holding up quite well under recent pressure. In fact, these are the times in which RE/MAX traditionally thrives. During a boom, it's easy to confuse success with heated market conditions. In a bust, sales professionals require a higher level of service and skill. Experience and reputation are paramount. That’s where RE/MAX comes into play.

RE/MAX agents in Canada have earned the highest level of productivity of any company in the country, achieving 35 per cent market share in most Canadian markets. RE/MAX has the highest percentage of top producers (50 per cent of the top ten, over 40 per cent of the Top 100, 1,000, and 2,500) on the Toronto Real Estate Board. Our agents have the highest average number of deals per agent. TREB Realtors averaged three and a half deals in 2008 while RE/MAX realtors -- on average -- negotiated almost ELEVEN. Our agents are responsible for one in every three home sales in this country and that speaks volumes about our commitment and dedication.

RE/MAX has seriously invested in training, career development, and technology -- a reality demonstrated on a daily basis by our agents. Our sales professionals are smarter, stronger, and more knowledgeable about the marketplace, outselling the competition three to one.

Despite market conditions, dedicated, full-time individuals who have built their careers on knowledge and exemplary service will continue to excel. Offers to purchase filled with conditions ranging from the typical financing and home inspection clauses to vendor take-back mortgages and offers conditional on the sale of the purchasers' home - the home buying/selling process is more complicated than in year's past. It's well beyond real estate 101 and both buyers and sellers will need the services of a skilled professional to help navigate these uncharted waters.