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So why should you use a Buyer's Agent?

One of my passions is working with first time home buyers. Perhaps its because I'm in the same boat myself or perhaps it comes from a joy to teach and inform, but I really like helping people buy their first place.

Specifically for those who are thinking about buying their first home, I'm writing this blog to inform you about the benefits of buying with a Buyer's Agent.

1. CONVENIENCE: When you have a buyer's agent working for you, that agent can take you around to all the listings you need to see and prepare showings for you ahead of time and get you the research you need, all from one source.

2. COST: There's no cost to hire someone to represent you. Yes, there's no cost! All compensation is paid by the selling side, so hiring a buyer's agent allows you to have an expert working sepcifically for you, without paying anything!

3. EXPERTISE: When you hire a buyer's agent, you are gaining a registered real estate expert who can navigate the maze of home buying and avoid some of the land mines you might fall into. For example, you should know about things like closing costs, TARION warranties, home inspections, area comparables, Land and Title registry, Agreement of Purchase and Sale clauses, etc., etc. An expert should be able to answer your questions or at least find the answers for you!

4. REPRESENTATION: Having an expert negotiator will help you to save time and money. A good buyer's agent should help you to execute your offer and negotiate favourable terms.

In my opinon, and the opinion of my clients, I've been doing a good job as a buyer's agent. Who ever you choose to work for you, I think that person should be able to do the following:

1. IMMEDIATE RESPONSES: Make sure you're agent can get back to you quickly! Having someone who can respond quickly via email or phone call is important. You don't want someone who isn't timely, because that could mean the difference between you getting your dream home or not!

2. BE TECH SAVVY: Your agent needs to be able to get you the data you need and be able to use the internet to get you valuable information. Some agents are great at this, and ofcourse, some are not.

3. HAVE BRAND MUSCLE: I've always been partial to the ReMax network. ReMax is involved in more real estate transactions than any other company by a ratio of 3 to 1! ReMax agents simply have more information, more brand power, more network access and do more business!

4. GIVE YOU TRUST and COMFORT: The most important thing is that you need to be able to trust and get along with your agent. You don't want to get stuck with someone who you don't feel comfortable talking to and someone who you don't trust. This is one of the most important purchase decisions in your life, so you should definitely have the right guide!

Well.... I'm writing this during Super Bowl Sunday and The Cards just made a comeback!!!!!!! Miracles never cease, time for me to get back to the party. Happy house hunting!!!