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Here's What Warren Buffet Has To say

I was reading an interesting post by Brian Buffini who sits on several senior real estate advisory councils and is a thoroughly successful entrepreneur. Here he is talking about what Warren Buffet has been up to in the current economy:


Posted October 29th, 2008 By Brian Buffini of Buffini and Company"

Lately people have been sending me a lot of emails and notes asking me if I think there’s another Great Depression coming, whether or not real estate will lose another huge portion of its value and where do I think all of this is going to stop.

Well I’ve never shied away from giving my perspective on such matters and I think something we should all note is the attitude of the man who is considered the greatest investor of all time – Warren Buffet. As I mentioned before he has purchased $8B in preferred stock. Even more dramatic is that $5B of it went to a financial company (Goldman Sachs).

Not only is he not running scared, he’s running strong with this market – taking ground and improving his position. We all know there are some tough times ahead, and so does Warren. But he demonstrated his ultimate faith in the economy, in the markets and in the fact that now is the time to gain ground and not pull back.

Well done, Mr. Buffet, you’re a good role model for all of us.

It’s a good life!